Honor’s second foldable phone will be launched in international markets next year

Honor has said that it will launch its second foldable phone in the first quarter of next year. The important thing is that Honor’s new foldable will also be launched in international markets, unlike Honor Magic V, which was only released in China. George ZhaoHonor CEO, in a conversation with Verge announced that the new Magic V model will be slimmer, lighter and cheaper.

Chinese companies seem to be investing heavily in foldable phones. In addition to Honor, Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei brands have also introduced foldable phones, and the devices made by these companies are of high quality. A significant part of Chinese foldables are exclusively available in this country and international users do not have access to them.

Samsung and Huawei are selling foldable phones in important western markets, and if we look at the market fairly, the products made by Samsung are more worth buying. Huawei phones are still sold without Google services and applications. The current state of the folding market is such that the residents of China have access to a variety of choices more than anyone else in the world.

George Zhao says one of the reasons why the foldable phone market is booming in China is that most of the popular Chinese apps are optimized for foldable devices. China has a dedicated app distribution store and the country’s market conditions are such that phone makers can closely communicate with app developers and optimize software.

Google has recently been trying to increase the number of apps that are optimized for larger screens. In this regard, George Zhao says that international markets are also improving their situation to become similar to China’s foldable phone market.

In addition to the release of the special Android 12L operating system (which is optimized for tablets and foldable phones), Google is designing a version of its own applications for large screens. “Google is putting a lot of effort into this,” says Zhao.

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Honor apparently has no plans to sell its smartphones in the US market for now. The company made efforts to enter the US market half a decade ago, but now it is trying to focus its limited resources on markets like Europe where it has more experience.

Honor said at IFA 2022 that it plans to continue producing diverse products. This Chinese company displayed products such as Honor 70 and Honor Pad 8 that it had previously unveiled at the IFA venue.

After years of Samsung dominating the international foldable phone market, we will probably see the competition intensify in this area from next year. According to the prediction of many analysts, foldables will shape the future of the mobile industry.

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