Honor 70 review; The new middleweight champion

It has been a long time since Honor’s serious presence in the Iranian market. Faced with Huawei’s crippling US sanctions, the presence of the Chinese in the global market gradually faded to such an extent that even in the last year or two, the names of Honor and Huawei were completely forgotten as buying options.

Despite its strong interest in its successor, Huawei sold it to another company to escape the sanctions. Now Honor is here. Honor along with Google services is here to continue the path of the Chinese and complete the untraveled ways.

Although Honor and Huawei are now two separate companies; But you can still see Huawei’s footprint in Honor products; It is as if the Chinese giant has only nominally abandoned his son and is still monitoring its performance. However, no father leaves his child “like a sheep among wolves”! (Matthew 10:16)

With all these interpretations, Honor is here with its latest achievements and with the Honor 70, it has launched a noteworthy product for the mid-range smartphone market.

Honor 70 video review

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Next article coming soon Expert text review Honor 70 will be updated.

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