Hollywood actor Chris Evans says goodbye to Apple iPhone 6s after years

Chris Evans, The famous Hollywood actor, recently posted a post on Instagram and Twitter to finally say goodbye to his iPhone 6s after years. Evans said in his new post that he misses Apple’s 2015 flagship Home button.

An image released by Evans shows that he may have upgraded his phone to the iPhone 13 Pro. In the comments section of Chris Evans’s Instagram post, Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures actor) also said that he has recently changed his phone to a device without a Home button.

Chris Evans's Instagram post to say goodbye to the Apple iPhone 6s

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Apple’s iPhone 6s became very popular when it was launched, and some experts even believe that this device is considered to be the best phone made by Apple. Currently in Iran, a large number of people interested in the Apple ecosystem are using the iPhone 6s, and this phone is traded in the market.

Apple has announced that with the release of iOS 16, it will finally end software support for the iPhone 6s. This popular phone received seven years of software updates.

Chris Evans appeared in one of the Apple TV service series in 2020. Jason SodikisApple TV star Ted Lasso, the star of the TV series, said in an interview some time ago that Apple has given him AirPad Max headphones for free.

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