Hisense unveiled its brightest miniLED TV

Despite the high brightness, Hisense says that thanks to more than 5,000 dimming zones, it can have high control over this brightness. David Gold, CEO of this company, said in a press release:

Our engineers were tasked with creating the best LED TV available and delivered the final product with the new ULED X platform.CEO of Hisense

QLEDs are actually LCDs that were first developed by Samsung and use quantum dot technology to improve image quality. According to Samsung, QLEDs produce more brightness than other displays and display deeper blacks because the quantum dots, when exposed to red light, produce brighter colors with a specific wavelength that is ideal for use in LCDs.

Hisense claims that the UX has the first 16-bit light control algorithm in the TV industry, offering more accurate dimming and smoother color effects:

This TV offers three times more ambient contrast than OLED TVs and twice the wide dynamic range compared to them.

Image processing in the UX is done with the help of Hisense’s Hi-View Engine X chipset and a new image quality algorithm with artificial intelligence, but the company did not talk about other features of its brilliant TV, such as HDMI 2.1 support or the operating system used. . Reports indicate that the UX will support Dolby Vision, Wi-Fi 6e, NextGen and AMD’s Freesync Premium Pro technology.

In the audio department, the UX is equipped with the new and developed CineStage X audio system, which has more than 80 watts of power and uses seven speakers and a 4.1.2 multi-channel audio system with Dolby Atmos. There is still no information about when the UX will be released to the market and the price of this TV.

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