High speed internet adsl2 + telecom based

ADSL2 + Internet It has always been one of the options for Iranian internet users who have been able to create better conditions Provide for them.

To have an ADSL2 + connection on site, subscribers connect to the world of cyberspace by purchasing a modem with a telephone line check for adsl2 +, without the need to connect to bulky and complex devices.

Benefits of Internet ADSL2 +

  • Affordable adsl2 + internet tariff compared to other services
  • Do not occupy the telephone line when using the Internet
  • High speed data exchange and stable internet connection
  • Twice the bandwidth compared to ADSL internet
  • Internet access around the clock, without the need for dialing and without the cost of telephone pulse


Which operator is the best service ADSL2 + Offers?

The number of operators offering adsl2 + Internet has increased so much that users are confused when buying this service and some users after receiving a lot of search have received this service at a high price and low quality.

But we are standing in this position to introduce Mnatelcom company to you, the users of this field, by providing real services. Get ADSL2 + high speed internet With High speed and volume, as well as cheaper tariffs than other operators, with nationwide coverage and 24-hour user support, have set the company apart from other ISPs.

In this regard, you can click on Internet tariffs + ADSL2 Find out the fastest and most cost-effective internet among providers.

  • Basic tariffs
  • Festivals
  • Special occasions (16th birthday based on Mubarak Telecom)

Basic tariffs from 512KB / S to 16MB / S are offered in one-month to one-year packages and now ADSL2 + Autumn Festival Only until the end of December with exciting discounts on the site of Mobnatelcom is established.

Buy Autumn Festival ADSL2+ Based on telecoms

You can in Autumn Festival Based on Telecom Get six-month services with a speed of 16mb / s and international traffic of 5000 GB for only four hundred and fifty thousand tomans. Is calculated.


The birth of telecom-based gateway to the infinite world

On the occasion of Mobnatelcom’s 16th birthday, ADSL2 + services will be offered with a 16% discount and TD-LTE service with a 3% discount. Will receive.

You too can be one of the consumers of this exceptional opportunity with amazing tariffs.

The basis of Internet telecom that does not end!

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