High quality renderings of TCL 30 and TCL 30 Plus were released

TCL apparently intends to introduce new models of its 30 Series smartphones. The company has introduced only two phone models of this series since the beginning of this year, so it makes perfect sense to unveil newer models of this family. TCL unveiled new handsets such as the XE 5G 30 and TCL 30 V 5G earlier this month at CES 2022, which will be sold by T-Mobile and Verizon, respectively.

Ivan Bless, a whistleblower, recently released two high-resolution photos of the TCL 30 and TCL 30 Plus. The two devices will likely be created as new members of the TCL mid-range handsets and will compete with handsets like the Samsung A72 and A52. Since the technical specifications of TCL 30 and TCL 30 Plus are not provided with pictures of these two products, it is not possible to speak with certainty about their technical features. Of course, it seems that TCL will use a relatively powerful 50-megapixel main camera in these two devices.

TCL 30 Plus

In addition, it looks like both phones will feature a fingerprint sensor on the side edge and large, large screens, and a selfie camera with a drop in the shape of the top of the screen.

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Since the TCL 30 V 5G will be the same as the TCL 30 and TCL 30 Plus, some of the specifications of these phones may be similar. In the following, we will have a brief look at the important specifications of TCL 30 V 5G.

  • Old 6.67-inch display with 60Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution
  • Dual GHz 5G processor with eight Snapdragon 480 cores
  • Eight GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage
  • 50-megapixel main camera + 5-megapixel ultra-wide camera + two-megapixel macro camera and one 16-megapixel camera
  • 4500 mAh battery
  • Support for 18 watt charging technology

This way, by looking at the specifications of the TCL 30 V 5G, we can get an overview of what we expect from the TCL 30 and TCL 30 Plus.

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