Hideo Kojima revives Metal Gear; But in a different body

Hideo Kojima revives Metal Gear;  But in a different body

Japanese game studio Kojima Productions is teaming up with Sony to make a new action-spy game.

Hideo Kojima Sony said on the sidelines of the State of Play event that the new game of the Kojima Productions studio is released for the PlayStation console and has a similar atmosphere to Metal Gear. Kojima didn’t mention the game’s official name, simply calling it Physint.

Regarding his new game, Kojima says that this title is ambitious and will be released in the form of a new game and will not be part of the world of another game.

Kojima is no longer involved in making the memorable Metal Gear games, but apparently Physint is supposed to have a similar vibe and somehow keep the spirit of metal gear alive.

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According to Kojima, the production process of the joint product of his game studio and Sony is supposed to begin after the release of the game Death Stranding: On The Beach in 2025.

In addition to working on the new Physint style, Kojima Productions is developing Death Stranding 2 for the PlayStation console and a new game called OD for the Xbox console.

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