Hello Arvan to Tabriz; Shahriar, the first data center outside the Arvan cloud center, was opened

Due to the existence of active startups, numerous factories and industries in the metropolis of Tabriz, in the process of developing Arvan cloud data centers in the country, this city was given priority.

The addition of Shahriar data center to the current Arvan cloud data centers allows customers to deploy their infrastructure in different Available Zones, to have a sustainable architecture in the form of Multi-region.

Shahriar data center with Tier 3 standard And the least Latency Internet In the first step, with a capacity of 16 racks, it has been exploited and is the host of Arvan cloud server product. In the next phase, another 16 racks will be added to the capacity of this data center, and in the future, a new website of Arvan cloud storage product (Object Storage) will be launched in this data center.

Advantages and technical features of Shahriar Data Center

Advantages of Shahriar Data Center include direct bandwidth infrastructure, connection to IXP of East Azarbaijan province, network infrastructure without Over Subscription and connection to western Iran gateways with minimum HOP and Latency Cited.

Users who build cloud over Shahriar will be able to select the desired amount of disk for their cloud, have a stable and improved cloud network between cloud, and back up and download it from their servers.

Other features of Shahriar Data Center are as follows:

  • Ability to build stable Local Storage servers
  • Ability to provide Cloud Dedicated Server
  • Protect servers in the event of a hardware problem
  • Optimized storage infrastructure and disk performance

Services provided in Shahriar Data Center

According to all Arvan cloud data centers, customers can build their own cloud in Shahriar data center. Shahriar is also the first Arvan cloud data center to service Local Storage Offers. Local storage is a disk that mounts directly to a hardware server, eliminating the need for users to use a network cluster to store their cloud data. As a result, users will experience much faster data storage with this service

Also, CPU Optimize and Memory Optimize services will soon be added to Shahriar Data Center to meet the needs of customers who need a strong, high-frequency, cloudy CPU with impressive memory.

The advantage of Shahriar data center for the city of Tabriz

In addition to the benefits that the opening of Shahriar will provide to all customers of Arvan cloud server in terms of increasing security and continuity of service and stability, some of the benefits of launching it will be specific to the people of East Azerbaijan.

For example, if online businesses in Tabriz build their cloud in Shahriar, they will have faster access to their data due to their geographical proximity and low Internet latency.

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