Head of Tehran Audio Visual Devices Union: Don’t buy iPhone 14, it won’t be registered

It has been more than two months since the iPhone 14 arrived, but they are still undecided. The latest news that came from their registry is not promising and has only left a short-term solution for the phones that were imported through a passenger. In an interview with Tasnim, Mohammad Reza Ramadan said that even the spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry emphasized that no decision has been taken to import the iPhone 14 and that the import of this phone is prohibited in the country, and travelers can use the phones they have for a limited time.

Based on the decisions made, passengers can use the phones they have in the country for one or three months.

This comment from the seller’s union recalls the story of the representatives’ request to ban the import of iPhone phones. In May of this year, some MPs in the Article 90 Commission called for banning the import of iPhone as a luxury item. At the same time, this ban increased the price of these phones. The problems encountered with the iPhone 14 registry can also be in line with the opposition of some officials to the entry of this mobile phone brand in the country.

In this conversation, the head of Tehran’s Association of Sellers of Audio Visual Devices, Mobile Phones and Accessories emphasized that people should be careful of abusers and not buy these contraband goods in any way: “Of course, meetings for the iPhone 14 registry are being held until a A solution should be used to solve the problems of people and passengers, but we have not yet achieved any results. In this context, people should be careful not to buy this unregistered phone because they will have problems using it.”

Although it is said that there are about 25,000 iPhone 14 in the country, it is not clear when the assignment of these phones will be determined. Earlier, the Mobile Importers Association had warned about the financial consequences of buying and selling iPhone 14 and advised not to buy these phones. Even the peer system declared all iPhone 14 phones as contraband, which of course the customs declared after that Phones imported by passengers are not contraband, but since it is not possible to pay customs duties for the passenger, it is not possible to activate them either.

According to the spokesperson of the Mobile Importers Association, the huge exchange rate that may be caused by the registration of these phones is probably the reason for the uncertainty of the iPhone 14 situation in Iran.

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