Have the nova Y90, the new member of the Huawei family, with Google services

The nova Y90 has excellent night photography capabilities thanks to the powerful performance of its 50MP main camera. This phone has a Super Night Mode function so that the night photos are bright and clear and capture higher image quality with more details. In manual Super Night mode, an artificial intelligence multi-frame noise reduction algorithm is applied to reduce noise, increase stability and increase image clarity in night photos, turning users into professional and expert photographers in night scene photography. Meanwhile, HUAWEI nova Y90 has the AI ​​Snapshot function, which can intelligently recognize all kinds of motion scenes and understand the range of movement of people and objects in front of the camera in real time. The advanced algorithm adaptively adjusts the shutter speed and captures fast-moving photos instantly.

Huawei nova Y90 is equipped with a 50 megapixel main camera with high resolution for clear images to show all the details when taking pictures. Combined with a 2MP depth sensor, it reveals the main subject of the shot, enriches the layers of the captured image. While the 2MP macro camera captures all the clearly visible details of the microscopic world. Meanwhile, the phone has an 8-megapixel front-facing camera that supports portrait segmentation and bokeh effect to blur the background, taking selfies to the next level. Huawei Beauty Mode 5.1 brings smoother skin tone and brighter images. Combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, this phone helps create a customized beautification solution for users.

Huawei 40W super charger, 5000mAh battery and 128GB storage space

Longer battery life is essential to maximize phone performance. The Huawei nova Y90 inherits the long battery life of the Huawei nova Y series. The device is equipped with a large 5000 mAh battery that allows for longer battery life for heavy use throughout the day. So that worrying about running out of battery while traveling, watching movies, long-term business calls is reduced and brings a more enjoyable experience to the user.

The pyramid is one of the most stable structures. HUAWEI nova Y90 is equipped with Huawei’s 40W supercharge pyramid structure, which is stable and safe. Users can enjoy 2.3 hours of gaming by charging the phone for only 10 minutes. nova Y90 has a battery health assistant function to intelligently detect the battery health status and remind the user to repair it in time. Eight layers of fast charging protection, thirteen layers of charging protection and one layer of protection against overheating of the USB port lead to fast, smart and safe charging process.

Thanks to the nova Y90’s 128GB storage space, users can have plenty of storage space to easily store their favorite apps, games or files for work and study.

Smart life with interactions supported by EMUI 12

Equipped with EMUI 12 user interface, nova Y90 enables multi-device connection in all scenarios, such as Huawei phones, tablets, speakers, Visions and smartwatches, all of which can be connected freely through the easy Super Device function. At work, users can initiate a multi-party meeting call to communicate more effectively and conveniently. nova Y90 can be your personal assistant. The phone supports a distributed file system to create a PC smartphone super device, where users can access files stored on the phone and make edits directly on the PC, whether for review, search, or storage. documents.

Access to Google services and frequently used applications

From the very beginning, HMS Huawei smartphone users have been looking for a way to install Google apps like Play Store on their smartphones. Over time, various solutions were found. Currently, it is possible to access all Google applications and use their services through the GBox application. This application is made from pre-production and out-of-the-box Google application services. In this way, users do not need to install GMS service plugins or other APK files on their phones separately. To get Google services on your phone, you only need this application and the Internet! This application creates a virtual Google space on your Huawei phone in parallel with other applications (EMUI). It should be mentioned that there are Google applications in JBox, but if you delete this application from your phone, all these applications will be deleted.

Every time you open any of the Google apps, it is activated only by JBox and in virtual mode. It is interesting to know that this app saves your last usage and can be resumed again. In this way, you will no longer have to worry about the saved steps of games and applications that you have downloaded and installed through Google Play. To use and install applications, just follow the steps below:

1. Download the latest version of Gbox from

This program can also be downloaded through Huawei App Gallery. It should be noted that in order to download and install this program through the Huawei App Gallery, you only need to enter the App Gallery, go to the Setting section and change your device to the United Arab Emirates in the Country/Region.

2. After downloading the program, install it.

3. In the next step, confirm the terms and rules of the application that will be asked automatically. By logging into the Gbox application, you can connect to your Google account.

4. Then install them by clicking on any of the Google applications.

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