Hateful accounts bring millions of dollars into Twitter’s coffers

Twitter rakes in millions of dollars from some of its most infamous users. New research from the Center to Counter Digital Hate (CCDH) estimates that Twitter will generate “up to $19 million in ad revenue annually” from just 10 accounts previously blocked on the platform.

According to Android, the CCDH institute looked at the number of tweet views of 10 user accounts that were previously blocked for spreading hateful content and dangerous theories. Following the takeover of Twitter by Elon MuskThese accounts were suspended.

CCDH analyzed almost 10,000 tweets over a 47-day period to investigate the traffic of the 10 accounts in question. According to these studies, the tweets of these 10 user accounts are seen a total of 54 million times on a normal day: “Applying this average view to 365 days, the views of these accounts are expected to reach 20 billion times.”

CCDH says that in order to estimate the advertising revenue of these accounts for Twitter, it created three new accounts and followed only the 10 mentioned accounts with them. CCDH found that after every 6 or 7 tweets, an ad was displayed. CCDH then found, using data from research firm Brandwatch, that Twitter’s total revenue from these accounts was $19 million. Brandwatch says that on average, every 1,000 ad views earns Twitter $6.46.

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