happy New Year; In search of bright days from the heart of darkness

Mobeen Ahmadi, Technology editorial

1401 was a strange year for all of us. A year ago, a crisis happened in my life that I couldn’t cope with even in 1401. There are many problems and gloomy faces, but we still have hope. A person is alive as long as he has hope. I hope that in 1402 everyone’s situation will be better, we will laugh more, experience more good feelings and most importantly, stay healthy. I am not willing to stop trying at any cost.

Mehdi Heydari, Technology Editor

I hope everyone is healthy and appreciate their health. I also wish that everyone understands the meaning of wishes and dreams and turns them into reality.

Shabnam Tavai, Technology editorial

In addition to wishing health and peace of mind for all Iranians, I hope to win the lottery!

Marjan Sheikhi, Technology Editorial

One of the difficulties of working in the technology news department for us Iranians is that when an attractive product is introduced and the whole world is excited about it, we immediately sigh deeply because we know in our hearts that with these prices and the economic situation, we are never going to get our hands on the latest The model of the laptop, phone, CPU, etc. will arrive (except just for review!). My wish for the new year is that we have fewer occasions for these wistful sighs and more opportunities to be happy and achieve our dreams.

Shadan Ghamgsar, Tehsil editorial office

In the new year, I have no wish except to achieve a normal life with minimal facilities. Hoping for better days.

Kausar Nikomanesh, Technology Editorial

I was thinking about what I wished for last year. Honestly, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t remember. I have repeated this many times, it is not possible. The reason may be that I have always failed in my dreams, or perhaps I decided to stop dreaming a year ago out of hopelessness and despair.

Anyway, I still wish for good days; I want all of us to see that good event in the new year, the night when we don’t feel the sadness of the whole world in our hearts and we don’t miss our normal lives.

Haniyeh Kalhor, reporter

I don’t know if it’s called a wish or a dream, but I want with all my heart that 1402 years of courage and bravery will be for all of us to make our wishes come true. I hope that next year, when we review 1402, nothing is left unchecked from our list of goals and we say to ourselves: “All that waiting, all that fighting, and all that effort was worth it.” I wish all of you the joy of the heart and smile on the lips when saying this sentence. Be well and health, Iam Bek Kom.

Shadi Khoshkar, reporter

I wish to turn the great sorrows of the past year into great works like what Turan Mirhadi said. May we be able to survive and be saved in the coming year and create a world without discrimination for our children.

Mojtaba Boalhosni, editorial office of Technology

I hope that the Internet will be freely available to everyone everywhere in the world and at a reasonable price. I would like to see a day when the price of all products around the world is the same for everyone and the purchasing power of everyone everywhere is the same. In conclusion, I wish everyone a New Year filled with health, happiness, and of course significant financial success.

Malika Taheranpour, Technology editorial

It is not possible to express my wish unchanged and in the same form. I can take account of everything and say that I wish all of us to be good this year. I want everyone to finally find the courage to do what they are thinking about and enjoy the journey. I hope we make bright days. May the best days of our past become the worst days of our future!

Mostafa Islahi, Tehsil editorial

My wish for next year is that we don’t get involved in zombies. The trauma of Corona is not over yet, the news of the zombie virus has been published! Joking aside, I wish the world would be less gray because with this current trend, our goals become dreams, buying a house, buying a good car and shopping in general! They are all going into the semi-dark shadow of the moon.

But, there is still hope. I hope the end of the night is black and white.

Mustafa Asgari, Technology Editorial

As the author of this article, I read the wishes of other Zomit members before writing my wish. We are not really going through good days. But I know that “hope” is the most important thing we have these days.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that once again the flame of hope and passion of the people of my land will warm and make us live; All together. I also wish everyone good health from the bottom of my heart, which is the most important human possession.

Navid Amouzadeh, Technology Editorial

The year 1401 was not a good year from all points of view, and for me it is considered the worst year of my life. I lost many of my loved ones. On the other hand, this year, buying many goods, such as digital appliances, became an unattainable dream for many people. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that the people of my land will be well in 1402 and we will all laugh from the bottom of our hearts again.

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