Halo introduces SleepSure wearable to improve baby sleep

to report TechCrunch From CES Las Vegas, baby sleep experts Halo unveiled a wearable for babies that can instantly measure four metrics: heart rate, rolling over, skin temperature and movement. Manufacturers hope that by accessing this information, parents can easily work or rest while their baby is resting.

Other products at CES 2023:

Halo claims the SleepSure device is the first smart monitor that allows parents to customize alerts to receive useful information throughout their child’s development. Combined with SleepSure’s sleep data records, these alerts provide valuable insights for parents or nurses to adapt to the baby’s environment and achieve optimal sleep. According to Halo CEO Doug Gillespie:

Our deep expertise in the field of sleep allows us to understand the daily struggles and struggles parents face when helping babies. For example, one of the main challenges for parents was adjusting the heating or cooling of the baby during sleep. SleepSure skin temperature measurement is designed to solve this problem, making parents better able to help their baby.

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