Half space in Word, Windows, Linux and Mac

Half space in Word, Windows, Linux and Mac

If you are a writer or you care about basic Persian language writing, you have probably looked for a semi-space on the keyboard at least once. A key combination that is very important to use when typing official texts.

After adding the Farsi keyboard in Windows 10, you can easily use the spacebar by pressing a few keys; But this depends on the operating system and the type of keyboard you are using.

In this article, we intend to teach all the methods of finding the half-space combination key in a visual way so that you can easily find it in any operating system. So stay with Zoomit until the end of the article.

Half space on Windows keyboard

At the beginning of the article, we said that the semispace key combination is different depending on the type of keyboard you are using. For this reason, in the following, we will teach the half space in the Windows keyboard for two types, standard and non-standard.

Before explaining how to use half space, we explain how to check the keyboard type.

  • First, see the bottom bar of the system.
  • If the phrase Persian keyboard was written, the keyboard is of normal or non-standard type.
  • If you see Persian Standard keyboard, it means that your system is using standard keyboard.

Now that the difference between the two is clear, we will teach how to use the semispace.

half a space in standard Farsi keyboard

If you use a standard keyboard, you can easily use half space. Just follow the method mentioned below.

  • First, press the Shift key.
  • Now press the space key at the same time without lifting your finger from the shift.

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