Half a million users have activated Bazar’s direct debit service

Direct Debit, which is also known as direct payment in Iranian programs and products, is a new payment solution that allows users to make purchases in less than a few seconds by activating it in their payments with a gesture or click. to finalize

Shabnam Behnam, the product manager of BazarPy, considers the advantage of direct debit compared to payment with internet portals to be the ease of the user in the payment process, the increase in the success rate of payments and the increase in the number of user transactions after activation. According to him, entering bank card information every time payment and more importantly, the possibility of not receiving a dynamic password when paying with the internet portal, reduces the user’s chance of success.

The advantage of direct debit payment compared to online portals

Bazarpy data shows that the success rate of payment through direct debit is 11% higher than this number in internet portals. Also, the time spent by users to make payment on the internet portal is 80 seconds on average, while users using direct debit do this process in less than 2 seconds. Another noteworthy point in the behavior of users who activate direct debit is that the number of their transactions increases significantly compared to the past, which is due to the ease of this method of payment and its high success rate compared to other payment methods. .

Karen Bazghi, the business development manager of Bazaarpay, states that due to the advantages of direct debit, businesses that use this payment method will see an increase in their income and sales. Therefore, Bazarpay has decided to provide the direct debit service to adopters and developers in the form of a new product. Bazarpay Direct Debit is provided in an integrated manner and users can use it in all acceptors who have a contract with Bazarpay by activating it once.

It is possible to use this service on the website, Google Play and iOS version of the adopters. The use of this service is not only limited to products with recurring payments, and all online businesses can apply for the service by visiting and the registration section, so that bazaarpay experts will contact them as soon as possible.

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