Hacking and stealing $ 320 million from Atrium through Vermohol

The Wormhole platform, one of the most popular platforms in the world of digital currencies that creates a bridge between different blockchain blocks, announced on its official Twitter account that it has recently discovered the exploits of hackers on this platform, according to TechCranch. Hackers have apparently been able to exploit the bridge between the Atrium and Solana blockchains, and about $ 320 million of Atrium has been sent to wallets that do not belong to any of the Vermohol team.

Vermohol Bridge, in short, is a communication mechanism that consists of a combination of smart contracts that facilitate interaction and transaction between different blockchains. Users typically enjoy the benefits of a bridge between blockchains by using a web application. They connect their wallet to the subordinate application and start the transaction.

As soon as the transaction in the original blockchain is approved, the cryptographic assets will be sent to the destination blockchain and transferred to the user’s wallet. For example, with the help of this mechanism, ETH ciphers can be sent and SOL ciphers can be received on the other side.

Vermohol recently made his website unavailable and tweeted to the Vermohol team:

The vermouth network is out of reach to repair and investigate the possibility of exploitation.

We will share the new news with you soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Digital currency analysts soon discovered two suspicious transactions. The hackers allegedly forged 120,000 wETH using malicious code that resembles the Wrapped Ether on Solana’s blockchain.

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The hacker connected 10,000 ETHs to the Atrium blockchain 2 minutes later. Then, in a 22-minute period, the next transaction with 80,000 atriums was made in the Atrium blockchain, and it seems that the hacker transferred some of the assets to his Atrium wallet.

From a vermouth point of view, fake raped ethers look the same as regular raped ethers, and the vermicelli sent some ether to an atrium wallet based on that fake cryptocurrency; Thus, the attacker has essentially stolen some ether from the vermilion reserves. The amount of 120,000 ethers at the time of the theft is estimated at $ 320 million.

The Vermehul team later confirmed the issue on their Twitter account:

120,000 ethers have been stolen from the Vermohol network.

ETH ciphers will soon be added to the Vermohl network to ensure one-on-one support for raped ethers. We will inform you more details.

We are working to restore access to the website and thank you for your patience.

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In another tweet, the Vermohol team announced that the discovered vulnerability had been successfully removed and that there was no concern about it.

It is not yet clear what will happen to the assets in the future. In addition, it is not possible to guess whether the digital currency of ethers deposited in vermouth reserves is still supported by Atrium. In an interesting move, the Vermohol team sent a transaction with a note to the hacker, offering a $ 10 million reward for the return of the stolen assets.

The text sent by the Vermohol team is as follows:

We are vermin developers.

We found out that you forged tokens by exploiting the VAA verification process in Solana. We would like to offer you a White Hat Agreement and give you $ 10 million as a reward for sharing the details of the bug and restoring the passwords of the fake rapids.

You can via email contact us.

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