Guide to login to Telegram without needing a number and receiving an SMS confirmation code

If a Google search has led you to this article, you are most likely one of those users who have had trouble getting the verification code via SMS to log in to Telegram. Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service that uses a one-time password system to increase the security of user accounts, which is sent as a five-digit code to the user’s phone number.

In this article, you will be introduced to different methods of entering Telegram without the need to receive a code via SMS. Just note that Telegram, like many messaging applications, is based on the phone number; Therefore, to ensure that you always have access to your account, you should use a phone number that you have access to.

The main topics of this article:

Login to Telegram without the need to receive a code via SMS

In general, Telegram may send an authentication code to the user in four cases:

1. When you create a new account in Telegram.

2. When you want to log into your Telegram account with another device.

3. When you want to recover your password.

4. When you change your phone number.

In addition, every time you remove your device from the Active Session list or sign out of your account or reinstall the Telegram application, you need to enter the verification code. In all of these cases, the use of a verification code is critical; Because otherwise, anyone could easily access your Telegram account.

However, sometimes you are waiting to receive a verification code via SMS; But for some reason, the code is not sent to your phone number. In this case, you should know that you are not limited to receiving SMS and you can use other methods that are explained below.

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Login to Telegram using a phone call

If you have not succeeded in receiving the Telegram verification code via SMS, you can log in to your Telegram account using a phone call. However, consider that Telegram’s priority for sending the code is first to another device that is connected to your Telegram account and then sends the code via SMS. If you are waiting for the code to be sent via SMS; But you don’t get a code, first make sure you don’t access your account from another device. Then wait for three minutes to receive the SMS.

In this case, you will receive a call from Telegram in which a voice will read the five-digit code. By entering this code, you can access your Telegram account. If you fail to answer the Telegram call the first time, you must wait for a while until the call option is activated for you again. As long as this period has not passed, selecting the option “Didn’t get the code” will direct you to send an email to the Telegram support team to solve the problem.

Login to Telegram using a phone call

According to Telegram’s warning, due to security issues, login codes are only transferred through phone calls to accounts that have activated the two-factor authentication option from Settings > Privacy & Security > Two-Step Verification. If you are having trouble receiving phone calls, enabling this option may solve the problem.

Login to Telegram through QR code

The ability to scan the QR code, which was added to Telegram in 2020, is another authentication method that you can use to access your Telegram account if there is a problem in receiving SMS. Of course, note that because the scanning process is done through the phone, this method is only possible to enter the account through the web or desktop version of Telegram; For this reason, you must already have access to your account on the phone.

Login to Telegram through QR code

To use the QR code, open the Telegram mobile application and select the Devices option from the settings section. Tap the blue Link Desktop Device button and then point your phone’s camera at the QR code displayed on the web or desktop version of Telegram to scan the code and instantly log into your account.

Login to Telegram through another device

According to Telegram, the most secure authentication method to allow login to the user account is to send the verification code to another device that you have logged in with the same account. In fact, one of the common reasons that users fail to receive the code via SMS or phone call is that they are logged in with the same account on another device and Telegram tries to send the verification code to that device.

In the Devices section of the Telegram settings section, you can see the list of all devices connected to your account. Under the Current Session section, you will see the name of the device with which you are currently checking your account. Under the Active Session section, you can see all the other devices that have access to your account. When one of the devices is connected to your Telegram account and you want to log in to another device, you will receive the login code as a message from Telegram on the connected device.

Login to Telegram through another device

By selecting the Terminate all other sessions option, you can close the access of all devices except the current device to your Telegram account. In this case, it will not be possible to receive the Telegram verification code through another device.

Login to Telegram via email

In its latest update in September, Telegram announced the improvement of Login Flow to increase the security of user accounts; Thus, those users who regularly log in and out of their account can receive login codes through their email address or use the option of logging in with an Apple or Google ID.

Currently, this option is not yet activated for users and is in the beta stage; But by the way One of the application developers who managed to save a screenshot of this feature, Telegram will soon allow users to connect their email address to their account. This feature will probably appear in the Privacy and Security section of the Telegram application, and by selecting it, the sentence “This email address will be used every time you log into your Telegram account from a new device” will be displayed.

Login to Telegram via email

However, until this feature is activated, Telegram will send login codes to the user only through text messages or phone calls or other connected devices. Also, while you are waiting for the waiting time for Telegram to call again, if you click on the Didn’t get the code option, the email creation page will open, where you can discuss the problem of not receiving the login code via email with the Telegram support team.

Creating an account in Telegram without phone number and SIM card; Using a virtual number

As we said earlier in this article, the only way to create a Telegram account is to use a phone number, and it is not possible to use an email instead; But this phone number can be a virtual number and not connected to your SIM card. A virtual number is a service unrelated to a telephone line that is not limited to a fixed location and can be used to make or receive calls with any device, including a mobile phone or softphone.

By creating a virtual number for Telegram or WhatsApp or social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, you can easily register on these platforms and enjoy their benefits without using your personal number. In addition, the virtual number is also used to make calls and send and receive SMS. For this, it is enough to make your virtual number available to the audience and communicate with them by paying a fee.

Telegram has blocked most of the free virtual numbers available to all users, and we do not recommend using them for this reason. Because your personal information is easily available to the next people who use the same virtual number, and there is a risk of losing user accounts created with these free virtual numbers at any moment.

in the content What is a virtual number and how can we have a virtual number for ourselves?A list of virtual number providers, including Google Voice, have been introduced, and according to their subscription fees, you can use your phone number and SIM card to create an independent Telegram account.

common questions

Why is Telegram verification code not sent to me?

Sometimes, in the process of sending the verification code to enter Telegram, there may be issues such as the antenna problem and not being connected to the filter breaker and Telegram server problems are the causes of this problem.

Can I log in to my Telegram account using email?

Yes, you can introduce your email to Telegram with the help of the guide mentioned in this article, so that if there is a problem in the process of sending the SMS verification code, an email containing the verification code will be sent to you.

Can I create an account in Telegram without using my SIM card number?

Yes, the safe and hassle-free method to create a Telegram account without using a mobile phone number has been reviewed and taught in this article.

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