Great news for consulting users; Significant increase in CPU performance in Linux 5.16

A recent comparative test of Phoronix found that Raizen accelerated processors (APUs) in Linux 5.16 achieved a 28% increase in performance over the 5.15 kernel. This is a 28% increase in Xonotic with 4K resolution and low settings, which you can see in the image below. Other games and benchmarks also showed significant 10 to 20 percent improvements in Linux 5.16.

Comparison of Raizen processor performance enhancement in Linux 5.16

The first series of tests was performed on a second-generation Lenovo ThinkPad T14s laptop equipped with a Reisen 7 Pro 5850U processor. The 5850U is an octa-core Zen 3 processor with 16 chips that belongs to the AMD Cezanne APU family.

To see if performance increases in other Zen architectures, Phoronix this time benchmarked the Ryzen 5 5500U and recorded a significant performance increase in the processor.

Benchmark ryzen 5500u on Linux 5.16 compared to 5.15

Although the 5500U is a 5000 series mobile APU like the Raizen 7 Pro 5850U, it uses Zen 2 cores and belongs to another family called the “Lucienne”.

According to Phoronix, one of the main reasons for the performance improvement in Linux 5.16 is probably due to CPU optimizations. The website explained:

The performance boost on Linux 5.16 was exciting and unexpected. Linux 5.16 comes with many new features, including an AMDGPU kernel driver upgrade, but the Radeon Vega graphics upgrade was a surprise, as nothing was announced and support for the Vega graphics card is now ripe. Of course, the performance improvement in Linux 5.16 may be due to a set of CPU improvements.

Improving the performance of AMD processors Undoubtedly, it is very good news for users of laptops equipped with AMD Advisor processor and Radeon graphics. It remains to be seen whether such brilliant results will apply to the upcoming Rembrandt APUs.

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