GPT-4 artificial intelligence virtual assistant helps visually impaired people

OpenAI is the latest model The so-called powerful artificial intelligence It introduced GPT-4 and one of its capabilities is to help people with visual impairments. Be My Eyes is one of the attractive features of this new model, which is designed to help blind and partially sighted people, and for example describes the contents on the phone’s screen.

Since OpenAI was founded in 2015, there have been various reports about the company’s Be My Eyes AI feature. Of course, the emergence of technologies such as computer vision (Computer Vision) and other tools help visually impaired people find their way better. Be My Eyes has many features, one of which is a virtual assistant; An interesting feature that provides detailed explanations or instructions using the smartphone camera.

Taking advantage of multimodal capabilities, GPT-4 can now understand images in addition to text. Part of the description of this new artificial intelligence model is:

By releasing a video, OpenAI tries to demonstrate some of the capabilities of Be My Eyes. For example, this voice assistant can describe the appearance of a dress or identify the plant you want. Other features of this assistant include map reading, text translation, guidance on how to work with different devices, and more.

OpenAI’s video shows that many of today’s urban and commercial infrastructures do not take into account the visually impaired. In addition, the mentioned clip shows how useful multimodal artificial intelligence GPT-4 can be in different situations.

Undoubtedly, Be My Eyes can be a very useful tool for the visually impaired and blind, and there is currently no substitute for it. The team that created this tool has a close cooperation with OpenAI and will continue to develop it.

to report single crunchBe My Eyes is currently in beta and will be more complete in the coming weeks. The team behind the AI ‚Äč‚Äčassistant says it will make it available to the public in the coming months. In addition, using the mentioned tool will be free.

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