government support package for businesses and platforms; Incomplete, insufficient and ineffective

Of course, keeping in mind that the necessary guidelines for the implementation of this plan are still being developed and have not yet been finalized, the existing ambiguities can be considered normal. The CEO of Kasbino, which is one of the platforms included in the government’s support plan, announced this to Zomit. In this regard, Mina Mehrnoosh said: “The supporting instructions of this plan are still being written and no action has been taken in this regard yet.”

Request for financial support from the Ministry of Communications

Kasbino’s CEO believes that if other institutions cooperate with the Ministry of Communications, “the plan to develop the digital economy through national platforms can reach a good point.” Mehrnoosh further pointed to the effective action of the Ministry of Communications to implement this plan: “The only good thing the Ministry of Communications did for this support plan was to connect different devices to us as platforms included in this plan in two or three sessions. did In fact, they created a bridge between the ministries and us.”

Mehrnoosh also announced that the Ministry of Communications has provided hardware support to this platform and provided them with a part of the servers to use it. However, there is still no financial support for Kesbino, just like the other platforms:

“We haven’t been paid a specific loan or budget yet, but since we are in an economic crisis, this issue is related to the government and the government budget. “We have applied for financial assistance and support, and in our response they have announced that they will prioritize this request and will process it as soon as they receive funding for the knowledge-based field, but this has not happened yet.”

The addition of 20,000 new businesses to Kesbino

Mehrnoosh also mentioned the actions that Kasbino has taken in order to support businesses. According to him, the fee that Kasbino used to take from the stores for participating in this platform has now been reduced to zero. In addition, Kesbino has given free advertising credits to businesses so that they can attract customers with the help of advertisements.

The CEO of this platform also announced the signing of a contract with the Technical and Vocational Training Organization: “With this contract, all the skill seekers of this organization can offer their skills for free in businesses so that people and employers can cooperate with them. If these skill seekers set up a distribution channel for their skills in their businesses, we will also give them free special credits for advertising and create a market for them as an accelerator platform.

In response to whether these supports have increased the presence of businesses, Mina Mehrnoosh said: “Since we have been recognized as a covered platform, about 20,000 new businesses have been added to Kesbino.” According to him, Kasbino already had about 120,000 businesses and after being included in this plan and offering support packages, it has attracted about 20,000 businesses. According to Mehrnoosh, there are currently a total of 1 million and 500 thousand users in Kasbino.

How many businesses were added to Sorushplus?

Soroush Plus also provides statistics on the number of stores added to this platform: “Soroush Plus has experienced a good growth in terms of the number of store channels compared to the era before the restrictions. Before this period, for example in September, the number of store channels was five thousand channels; This number was between 15,000 and 16,000 channels in January and reached 17,500 store channels in February.

According to Farhad Moradi, CEO of this platform, the total number of channels that have generated income on Sorushplus in the last two to three months, not only store channels, is between 43 and 45 thousand channels. Also, this year, a total of 140,000 to 150,000 channels have been created on Soroush Plus, which have generated income.

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