Government approvals to support knowledge-based and job-creating production in the field of information technology

Yesterday (March 21), the government board approved a regulation that has different sections and its approvals are supposed to help and support domestic knowledge-based companies with the aim of realizing the slogan “production, knowledge-based and job-creating”.

Ali Bahadri Jahormi, the spokesperson of the government, by announcing the approval of this regulation, explained some of the government’s plans to support knowledge-based companies in the field of communication and information technology.

One of the most important approvals of this regulation is the prohibition of all executive bodies from purchasing any similar non-domestic products and services in the field of information technology, which Bahadri Jahormi explained as follows: “In the text of the regulation, an annual increase of at least 20% of knowledge-based products and technological units in the field of technology The information is predicted and for this purpose tasks have been set for different devices.

He also mentioned a specialized information and communication technology customs established in Payam Special Economic Zone and stated that this action will facilitate the export of products and services of knowledge-based and information technology companies.

According to the spokesperson of the government board, another part that is considered in this regulation aims to create an integrated, smart and safe transportation system: “Part of the goals of this regulation is to create an integrated, intelligent, safe, fast transportation system. Efficient, clean and innovative solutions in order to increase the share of public transportation, play an effective role in transit and international trade, increase the agility and efficiency of governance in the transportation sector, reduce the harmful effects of the environment, develop green public transportation, optimize energy consumption. Is.”

In this regulation, the government has identified the challenges and capacities of knowledge-based companies and technology units, and the formulation of support mechanisms, as the responsibility of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. In this way, providing support facilities and covering a part of commercialization risks in order to remove the obstacles of the mentioned companies are among the goals of the regulations approved by the government.

One of the most important tasks assigned by the Cabinet of Ministers to the Ministry of Communications is the establishment of science and technology campuses. Regarding this matter, Bahadri Jahormi announced: “In order to support the development of the activities of knowledge-based companies and technology units through the Transport Development Fund and the National Housing Fund and within the framework of their statutes, regarding the provision of guarantee services and the provision of facilities required by knowledge-based companies And technology units should take action with the priority of plans, items and strategic, sanctioned or currency-bearing equipment in the fields of activity of the ministry.

In line with the implementation of this program, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development has also assumed the following duties: “This ministry is obliged to take action on the use of house-building factories under the National Land and Housing Organization, with the priority of creating and developing innovation factories and science and technology parks campuses.”

To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Communications is required to set up provincial science and technology campuses by the end of 1403. Governorates and other executive bodies will provide the necessary land and infrastructure in this regard.

The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development has duties in the field of online cargo and passenger transportation services and providing services by active platforms in this field. According to the spokesperson of the government, this ministry should develop regulations related to the provision of intercity freight and passenger transportation services and the development of the required infrastructure.

The training and development of specialized human resources in the fields related to digital economy, information technology and space industry is another thing that is considered in this regulation. Bahadri Jahormi explained the government’s plan to achieve this goal as follows: “Another content of this regulation is the cooperation of the ministries of education, science, research and technology and cooperation, work and social welfare with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in order to define practical courses and The theoretical lessons are aimed at updating and developing the capabilities of human resources.

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