Gorgan Snap Food: Getting to know Gorgan restaurants whose taste you cannot forget

The pleasant atmosphere of Baba Taher restaurant is another positive feature of it. In this restaurant, you can enjoy the best dishes of Gorgan in a calm and intimate environment.

In the following, you can see the information of Babataher Gorgan restaurant:

Address of Babataher restaurant in Gorgan: Naharkhoran Blvd., 85/1 Adalat corner, Babataher fast food

The phone number of Baba Taher Restaurant Gorgan: 01732522000

Working hours: 12 noon to 11.45 pm

Bazaar and Nations Restaurant

Bazar and Melal restaurant is one of the best restaurants in preparing and cooking all kinds of authentic Iranian dishes. This restaurant operates in Abbas Ali Square, Gorgan and has been able to place its name in the list of the most famous restaurants in Gorgan.

The taste of the food of Bazaar and Nations restaurant, from all kinds of chalukbobs to the tasty dishes and stews of this restaurant, have many fans among customers.

In the following, we will provide you with a list of information about Bazar and Melal restaurants in Gorgan:

The address of Bazar and Mlam restaurant Gorgan: Maidan intersection, Abbas Ali square, Bazar and Mlam restaurant

Phone number of Gorgan Bazar and Nations restaurant: 01732430300

Working hours: 11.30 a.m. to 11.59 p.m

The best restaurants in Gorgan, the experience of eating pleasant food

In this article, we have introduced the most famous restaurants in Gorgan that bring you the experience of eating pleasant and delicious food. You can use the Snap Food application, which has started its activity in Gorgan, or special websites. Buy food online in GorganFind more famous restaurants and order delicious and great food from them.

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