Google’s teenage employee earns 7.5 billion tomans with one hour of work a day!

Google’s teenage employee earns 7.5 billion tomans with one hour of work a day!

According to statistics, software engineers at Google can earn up to $718,000 in base salary each year. One of the engineers working at Google claims that he earns 6 figures a year with approximately five hours of work per week.

Devonone of Google’s software engineers who is in his 20s, to Fortune magazine He said that he works for Google for about an hour a day and earns $150,000 at the end of the year.

Don usually wakes up at 9am, takes a shower, eats breakfast, and then works for Google until 11:00 or 12:00. In the rest of the day, he is busy with his startup work.

Don says he can’t bring himself to do hard work; Because his colleagues stay up late at night and their job position in Google does not improve.

Fortune magazine says that in order to protect the mentioned engineer’s job position, he used the pseudonym Don for him. The magazine has reviewed Don’s payslip and confirmed a salary of $150,000.

Don isn’t the only one pocketing a lot of money with short-term work. Jasona 22-year-old employee, claimed in an interview with Business Insider news agency some time ago that to increase his income, he was employed in two full-time remote jobs but worked a total of 30 hours per week.

Stories like the one told for Don and Jason have sparked many discussions on social networks. Many people believe that software engineers at big tech companies like Meta and Google work short hours every week and get paid a lot. Experts call this style of working “fake work”.

After the start of the corona virus epidemic, the tech giants greatly increased the recruitment of new employees; But with the end of the pandemic and increasing economic problems, they decided to fire thousands of their troops.

A billionaire Silicon Valley expert and CEO recently told Forbes that most of those who were hired to work remotely during the pandemic “were not really doing anything.”

It is unclear whether “fake work” is the result of over-hiring or poor management; However, Don’s story clearly shows that the work-life balance has changed for a significant number of employees, including Gen Z.

Don told Fortune magazine that no one inside Google questioned his short-term job. Before his current position, he worked “less than two hours a day” and traveled easily when he was an intern at Google. “If I wanted to work long hours, I would have joined a startup,” Don told Fortune.

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