Google’s Pixel tablet will probably only come in one version with the Tensor G2 chip

Google introduced its Pixel tablet a few months ago. This product was first exposed in May 2022, and although a few months later we saw the sale of a model of this tablet on the Facebook market, the Internet search giant has not yet officially released it. Now a new rumor has been published by a reliable source that provides more information about this product.

Contrary to what we previously thought, the Pixel tablet will apparently only come in one version. It seems that Google has canceled the standard version in the middle of the development of this product in order to focus more on the Pro model.

to report GSMArenaLike the Pixel 7 series phones, the Google Pixel tablet is equipped with a Tensor G2 chip and will use a screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and a Richtek RT4539 6-channel LED driver. Of course, this backlight is used for LCD screens and therefore you should not expect the said tablet to be equipped with an AMOLED panel.

The Pixel tablet will be equipped with at least 8 GB of Samsung-made RAM and 256 GB of UFS storage. The product will also feature a fingerprint sensor on the side edge, which is expected to be integrated with the power button.

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