Google’s Magic Editor is launching a new wave of fake images

Magic Editor tries to provide all the steps you take to perform similar edits in programs like Photoshop, all in one place and in an easy way. For example, in Photoshop, using the Content Aware Move tool, you can move the desired subject in the image. Of course, using this method, like other features of graphic programs, requires learning, and you can do creative and professional things with it.

Of course, we all wish Google would offer more free photo editing tools because programs like Photoshop and some other professional software are usually very expensive and probably not affordable for many people. Thus, access to powerful image editing tools in the Google Photos program and very easy to use methods will change the way we look at the image editing process.

Recently, Samsung has paid a lot of attention to photo editing capabilities based on artificial intelligence, including Space Zoom; A feature that allows you to capture incredible images of the moon.

To be fair, there are plenty of similar photography-enhancing features built into smartphone cameras. As Verge He points out that photography with mobile phones has caused us to see many fake images. However, Google’s Magic Editor could create a new wave of photo fakes because it makes creating these images easier. “We’re in the pursuit of perfection, and Magic Editor will give you more control over the final look and feel of your photos,” the internet search giant announced in a blog post.

Google calls Magic Editor an experimental technology that will be available for Pixel phones later this year, and then available to users of other phones. Android will be placed

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