Google welcomes Metavars with new augmented reality glasses

Some time ago, we wrote about Google’s new job post announcing the development of a new operating system for augmented reality devices. It was not yet clear what the device was supposed to be; But a new report from the New York Times shows that Google is working on a new version of its augmented reality glasses.

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Like it or not, the Metavars market has become very hot these days among the leading companies in the world of technology, and each of them is trying to capture a larger share of the next generation of the Internet and virtual worlds. In this breathtaking competition, Facebook took the lead by changing its brand to “Meta” and investing billions in Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets. We are now witnessing Google trying to contribute to the realization of Metavars by returning to the company’s product ten years ago.

According to reports, Google, in partnership with North, intends to strengthen its position in the virtual world. Google expelled the smart glasses maker from Intel in the summer of 2020 after failing to introduce the next generation of its original gadget. At the time, Google’s intent to buy North was unclear; But now Google’s successor seems to be on the way.

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North Intel’s most important project was the Smart Glasses, which combined medical lenses with holographic displays. The glasses had a built-in microphone and a control ring that could be tapped on the finger to notify mobile notifications or navigate with the help of a display when walking.

For nearly a decade, Google has envisioned such a future for its augmented reality gadgets. The first version of Google Glass was released in 2013; But it was not successful. The next generation of these glasses was released in 2020 and only for organizations. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology in the field of augmented reality and the hot market of Metavars, Google has more chances to successfully offer its smart glasses; However, it is not yet clear whether these glasses will be ready for release in 2022 or not.

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