Google released PalM advanced artificial intelligence model to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-3

Google Omega has access to one of the advanced language models It provides its artificial intelligence called PalM to developers. The Internet search giant is launching an API for this artificial intelligence model, along with other tools for organizations. These tools provide the possibility of producing text, image, code, video, sound, etc. through simple natural language requests.

to report VergePaLM is the Large Language Model or LLM, which can be considered similar to GPT OpenAI or LLaMA considered meta. Google first introduced this model in April 2022. It is advanced artificial intelligence and flexibility that can be used to produce or edit different content. For example, PaLM can be trained to allow conversations with users, e.g ChatGPT offers. In addition, this model can be used to do things like summarizing text or even coding.

To make the PalM training process easier, Google is launching a new program called MakerSuite, along with the API of this artificial intelligence model. “With MakerSuite, you can submit your requests and enhance model datasets,” the company said in its press release. In addition, the possibility of customizing the model is available to developers. Google says that PalM can even perform computationally intensive educational tasks and can be run through the company’s cloud services.

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