Google Play was unfiltered in Irancell and Raitel operators

Google Play Store, Google’s online store for buying and selling and downloading applications, games and other content related to Android devices, has been unfiltered this evening, Monday, December 26, in Irancell and Rightel operators. This store on Friday evening, the first of Mehr, It was filtered.

This application went under the filtering blade two days after Instagram and WhatsApp messenger were filtered. On the first day of autumn, besides Google Play, a number of other platforms, such as LinkedIn, the App Store, and the Starlink website, were also unavailable to users with Iranian IP addresses.

Linkedin, App Store and Starlink website were unfiltered 25 days later, that is on 26 Mehr, so that Google Play will be included in the list of black platforms, which are out of reach of users after the recent events in the country, along with Instagram and WhatsApp.

The dark era of cutting off access to Google Play Store came to an end this evening and this international platform was first available on Irancell and Rightel operators so that Android users who use the aforementioned operators can once again use VPN after 116 days. access this online store.

Now we have to wait and see if this filter fix will continue for Google Play and if other fixed and mobile operators, including First Mobile, will remove the applied restriction or not. Of course, another important question is whether Instagram and WhatsApp filtering will be removed soon?

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