Google, Microsoft and Intel also withdrew from attending CES 2022

The exodus of CES 2022 exhibitors continues due to growing concerns about the Omicron outbreak. Last week, several major companies, including Meta, Amazon, Lenovo, Timmobile and AT&T, announced that they would not be physically present at the event. Now three companies, Google, Microsoft and Intel, have joined the group.

All of these well-known letter companies have stated that their reasons for not attending the upcoming event are the prevalence of a modified version of Quid-19 called omicron and endangering the health and safety of employees and customers. Some of these companies, such as Intel and Microsoft, are big exhibitors at CES, and Google is one of the big investors in the show; However, each of these companies was removed from the list of in-person participants in separate statements, citing reasons.

Intel has also announced that it is pursuing its plans for CES remotely and with minimal staff, and that enthusiasts and customers can follow the company’s achievements and experiences virtually via live streaming from the Intel Newsroom. Twitter, Pinterest, Hisense, iHeartRadio There are other companies that have withdrawn from attending this event.

Nevertheless, the Consumer Technology Association, the organizing body of the CES event, continues to insist on holding the exhibition in person, and Jean Foster, One of the speakers of this association, told several news agencies:

The event will be held from January 5 to 8 in Las Vegas with strict face-to-face safety arrangements and provides virtual access for people who do not want or can not travel to Las Vegas. Our focus remains on organizing a gathering of technology industry achievements and presenting the CES experience virtually to those who are unable to attend.

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Foster notes that while he received cancellations from 42 companies and startups (only 7% of the total attendee), he registered 60 booth applicants in exchange for thousands of new guests.

However, a number of major exhibitors, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Qualcomm, General Motors and Biamo, are still determined to make a physical presence at the show. Samsung has said that it is closely monitoring the health of the people.

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