Google is expanding the use of artificial intelligence in its search engine, maps and text translator

At its recent event, Google announced a series of new AI-based updates to its search engine, maps, and text translator service.

The internet search giant showed off a short version of its artificial intelligence chatbot Bard. This tool was developed as a competitor to ChatGPT and uses LaMDA technology. written by VergeGoogle is more focused on providing AI-based features, which we have already seen in the visual search tool Google Lens, the ubiquitous version of Google Maps, as well as the company’s text translation service.

Microsoft’s new Bing has been integrated with ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence, but it’s not yet available to the general public. Of course, you can directly interact with this chatbot through the OpenAI platform; A project that Google declared code red due to its public launch.

In the following, we review some of the features that will soon be available to Google users.

  • One of the biggest changes based on Google’s artificial intelligence is the multiple search. This tool allows you to start your search using an image and a few words of text. For example, let’s say you are looking for a certain shirt that you have a picture of, but you want it to be in a different color. In this situation, Google’s multiple search will help you provide a photo of the shirt and enter the desired color in text form. The feature first launched for US users, but is now available worldwide through Google Lens.
  • The immersive view in Google Maps combines a 3D view of a specific area with information such as traffic and weather. This feature is now available in cities like London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.
  • New features that help electric car drivers more easily access charging stations and also provide information about grocery stores or hotels on their route.
  • The new augmented reality feature in Google Lens also combines the translated text with its original image. This feature will be available to all users worldwide.

Of course, Google has introduced other new features in its recent event, which will probably be available in the coming weeks and months.

  • The ability to search using words or images on the screen, without the need to exit the applications that are running.
  • If you use Google Maps on your smartphone, Google can now show you the next location on your device’s lock screen.
  • Multiple neighborhood searches allow you to find things like places to buy specific products around you. This feature is currently available in the United States, but will be available worldwide soon.
  • Multisearch on smartphones will be universally available to all users in the next few months.
  • An immersive Google Maps profile will also be available in Florence, Venice, Amsterdam, Dublin and more.
  • Interior live view that provides navigation with augmented reality technology. This feature helps users reach their destination more easily inside buildings and places where navigation is difficult. This feature will soon cover more than a thousand new airports, train stations and malls.
  • Live View Search lets you learn more about specific locations by viewing them through your smartphone’s camera. This feature will soon be available in Barcelona, ​​Dublin and Madrid.
  • Google text translation service can provide more context about some words and phrases. This feature will be available in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish in the coming weeks.
  • The redesign of Google Translate’s user interface, which was previously applied to its Android version, will soon be available for the iOS version as well.

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