Google is also firing bots to cut costs

According to Wired, the robots produced by the Everyday Robots unit were too expensive for ordinary customers and each model is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Hans Peter Brundemo In a blog post published in 2021, the chief robot officer and general manager of the Everyday Robots project announced that his team had trained more than 100 robots to automate a set of tasks in Google’s office environment.

According to let’s goThe same robot that sorts the garbage can also clean the tables and use the special clip to open the door to move the cups.

Everyday Robots was the brainchild of Alphabet’s Moonshot research and development unit; A sector that recently had to stop some projects that were economically unviable.

Google’s X unit also closed the Loon division in 2021; where he was in charge of making balloons for providing internet.

A year ago, Alphabet stopped Makani’s activities as well. This unit made equipment that produced electricity through small wind turbines.

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