Google invited Microsoft to compete by adding artificial intelligence to Gmail and several other services

After weeks of waiting, Google finally released a set of new features based on Introduced artificial intelligence to the Workspace family of applications, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slider, and Gmail.

In the new version, Google Docs can create or summarize texts by relying on artificial intelligence. Also, artificial intelligence will give Google Docs users ideas for generating new texts.

In the new version of Gmail, the user can write important points so that the service will automatically prepare the full text of the email. In addition to writing VergeGoogle Slides is equipped with the ability to create images and audio content and video content through artificial intelligence (similar to Microsoft Designer services based on DALL-E and Canva based on Stable Diffusion).

Google’s new statement clearly shows that the company does not want to lose the competition created by artificial intelligence. Since its inception ChatGPT in late 2022 and release The new version of Bing based on artificial intelligence, Google has been under intense pressure to make similar services available to its users. Late last year, Google senior executives announced to employees that all important services (those with more than a billion users) will be equipped with artificial intelligence in a few months.

Google’s new features are not fully available at this time. The company plans to test text writing tools for Google Docs and Gmail this month with a group of trusted American users. This company when unveiling chatbot Bard took a similar approach. Google has said that it will make the new features available to the public later; But for now, he has not specified an exact date.

In the new version of Gmail, you can use artificial intelligence to prepare text drafts and reply to emails and summarize the text of the email. In addition to giving you ideas, the new version of Google Docs can correct or completely rewrite the text and write completely new texts.

Additionally, the new version of Google Sheets allows you to convert raw data into analytical statistics and create formulas. The new version of Google Mate also enables the creation of new backgrounds and note-taking.

Among all the new features, the text writing tool in Gmail and Google Docs seems to be the most used. In the Google demo, we see that the Docs service creates the text required by the user in a few seconds. You can tell Google Docs to write a job application for you.

Rumors say that Microsoft plans to add similar capabilities to the Office family of software. This company will hold a special event on Thursday.

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