Google Hangout is permanently unavailable

Google Hangout service (Google Hangouts has shut down for good almost a decade after its launch. based on what 9to5Google is writing, Earlier this year, Google said in a statement that it will transfer the Hangout service to Google Chat.

According to Google’s statement, users will be automatically redirected to by visiting At the time of this writing, is still available. The web version of Hangout was considered the last possible solution to access this service.

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A few months ago, Google removed the mobile version of Hangout and asked users to use the Google Chat service. Google Chat is not very different from Hangout and allows messaging through Google account. Google says that Hangouts chats can be transferred to the Google Chat service.

In recent years, Google has made various messaging services available for regular customers and corporate customers. The company is largely focused on Google Messages and RCS for regular customers.

Google says that users can extract the complete history of Hangouts chats until January 1, 2023.

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