Google fixes fingerprint, auto-dialing, and many other software issues with the Pixel 6 series handsets with updates

Google today will release the latest Android security update for Pixel compatible handsets, which will add some new features to older Pixel series devices. This update is available today for the Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a models, and the Pixel 6 series will receive it next week. Among the new features of this version, we can mention the Snapshot Quick Tap to Snap feature, which will be activated in the 4a 5G pixel series and newer models of this phone.

Google’s latest update for smartphones will add many new features to the Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a series

Users can use the Quick Tap to Snap feature to double-tap the back of their pixel body to unlock the Snapshot camera, even when the device is locked. A new proprietary filter called Pixel Face has also been added to the Snapshot app, which is only for owners of Google Pixel phones. In addition, users can set how long they have to press the power button on the device to enable Google Voice Assistant in Android 12.

Pixel users are very interested in the Now Playing feature because this feature can identify the name and artist of the music maker that is playing in the background and inform the user. With Google’s new update to the Pixel series smartphones, if the Now Playing feature is able to automatically detect the name and artist of the song being played, you can manually ask your device to search for the song information. Although the main Now Playing feature usually does not require an internet connection, a manual search to identify the singer and composer of the music will require an internet connection.

On Pixel 4 and later models, songs that have been recognized by the Now Playing feature can be added to the Favorites list. The list of playing history can be viewed by going to Settings> Sound> Advanced> Now Playing> Now Playing history. In addition, Google’s new update introduces a new feature for the deaf.

Thanks to the machine learning capabilities of the tensor chip in the Google Pixel 6 series handsets, some of the surrounding noise will be permanently removed during the conversation to get a clear sound during voice calls. How this feature works is similar to a magic eraser, except that the magic eraser is applied to the image and this feature is applied to the sound. To do this, point your pixel camera at the person you are talking to, and your phone will do everything. People who have compatible models with this feature will have access to this feature from today.

With this new update, you can get stronger bass sound through the Buds-A pixel by using the internal controls of each application on phones equipped with Android 6.0 and above. So if you like bass a lot, you will probably be happy to add this new feature to your pixel. This update also enables tremendous bandwidth on the Pixel 6 Pro, and is actually a pixel response to the iPhone’s AirDrop capability. With this new feature, you can send a file to four people.

Google’s latest update fixes many software issues for Pixel 6 series phones

A Nearby Share feature like AirDrop lets you know when other people who have enabled this feature are around. Keep in mind that when you send files to multiple users, the upload will be done all at once instead of at the same time. The Car Crash Detection feature will also automatically request help if a car accident is detected. This feature is now available in Taiwan, Italy and France, and the Recorder app can now recognize German, French and Japanese.

With the December security update, Google has taken the opportunity to fix some of its Pixel series handsets. This update will fix the bug that caused Pixel phones to accidentally call the audience and the 119 emergency number. In addition to this, another problem that caused the blocking of some applications and user interface has also been fixed in this update. Also, another problem that caused a relatively horrible sound playback has been solved with a new update from Google.

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The Pixel series phones had another problem that caused the video recording to be accompanied by unwanted sounds when using some protective frames, which has also been fixed in Google’s new update for the Pixel series. Another problem users reported when working with Google Pixel phones was the microphone muted or the volume up and down automatically during voice calls; A problem that caused the song and music recognition capabilities of pixel phones to not work properly, and now these problems have been fixed with a new update from Google.

In addition, in Google’s new update, improvements have been made to the wireless charging capability of compatible models, including the ability to detect alignment with the Pixel Stand. This update also fixes reported problems with the fingerprint sensor malfunctioning. All the changes in the new Google update can be seen in this link.

Keep in mind that this new update will be released next week for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Owners of Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a handsets can now download and install this update by going to Settings> System> Advanced> System update.

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