Google fires unvaccinated employees

A note recently reached CNBC stating that Google employees who have not yet been vaccinated can go on compulsory leave and will be forced to leave the company if they do not follow the rules of Quid-19. According to reports, Google’s decision of the new government policy Joe Biden Compulsory vaccination of employees follows; Biden’s ruling, of course, was opposed by the Senate and the federal court.

Every employee must either be vaccinated or have a vaccination certificate to return to work.

According to this plan, All federal employees, contractors, and a range of government-related jobs are required to vaccinate or test their employees weekly. Businesses that do not comply with this order may be fined up to $ 14,000 per violation. This includes all corporations and corporations with more than 100 employees.

According to the memo, Google gave its employees until December 3 to upload their vaccination documents or get medical or religious exemption confirmation. The company says that those who do not do any of these things by January 13 will first be given a 30-day paid paid leave, and if they do not perform the required duties after 30 days, they may be entitled to up to 6 months of unpaid leave. And eventually be fired from the company. Google has not rejected this policy Laura Lee Erickson, A spokesman for the company, told Varge News Agency:

As we have stated before, our vaccination requirements are one of the most important ways in which we can keep our workforce safe and, as a result of those services, we can sustain ourselves. We are committed to vaccinating our employees to do whatever it takes to help them along the way, and we are firmly committed to that decision.

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Google requires employees to be vaccinated; However, it has been said that weekly tests are not a good alternative. The CNBC report noted that there may be options for unvaccinated employees.

While Google expects the mandatory vaccination schedule to be publicly implemented, employees can look for situations where vaccination is not a prerequisite. It will also be possible to apply for an exemption.

Although many Google employees are still telecommuting due to the current situation, and it is not clear when it will expire despite the advent of the new Omicron version, the company expects much of its workforce to be present in offices. According to CNBC, if telecommuters are subject to the order, they may also be required to be vaccinated. Currently, a number of the company’s workforce is volunteering in person.

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