Google Authenticator was updated with a new logo; Don’t worry about losing your phone anymore

Security experts always advise users to turn on the feature Go for two-factor authentication (2FA), because hacking passwords is pretty easy, but two-factor authentication can’t be easily bypassed.

The Google Authenticator app has been available to users for years and has become a great way to enable two-factor authentication, however, one major problem with Authenticator has always plagued users: passwords stored in Authenticator are only stored within the same Phones are available. In this way, if you lose your phone, it becomes impossible to access all the codes and you will never be able to enter your user accounts.

Fortunately, as Android Authority He writes, Google has fixed the problem in question. From now on, all Authenticator codes will be synced with the Google account on the servers and not just tied to the phone. If you lose your phone, you’ll still be able to use two-factor authentication.

The new Authenticator change is not applied from the servers and you must download the latest version of this application. This update has been released for both Android and iOS operating systems.

as Verge The latest Authenticator update redesigns the app’s logo, he writes. The new Google Authenticator logo has more vibrant colors and is more modern.

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