Google adds the ability to seamlessly play music on audio devices to Android 13

Google has prepared new features for Android 13 that will make it easier for users to switch between audio devices while listening to music. Thus, when listening to your favorite song, according to your proximity to different audio devices, the music will continue to play in them. In fact, the Internet search giant has made it possible to seamlessly stream music between smartphones, smart speakers, headphones, TVs, cars, and more.

The new audio feature of Android 13 uses the software development kit (SDK) that Google released last year. This technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi to identify which audio devices are physically closer to the user, and then determines whether the user may want to play music from another device based on their current activity. For example, changing the audio playback from a Bluetooth speaker to your phone when you answer a call.

to report VergeThe Uninterrupted Listening feature has similarities with the method of automatic audio transfer between Apple products. Sandeep ChivukulaAndroid product manager announced in a blog post that Google is trying to work on notification features in cooperation with Spotify and YouTube Music. The company has added features like Fast Pair, NearbySHare and Chromecast to the SDK to make it easier to use multiple devices.

Google has also partnered with Spotify to add support for Spotify Connect to Android 13’s media transfer tool. This feature allows users to more easily switch between phones, tablets, speakers, TVs and other Spotify Connect compatible devices when playing music on the Spotify platform. Google has not yet provided details on the release date of these features, but we expect them to be available this year.

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