Google added coding and debugging capabilities to Bard artificial intelligence chatbot

Google says there is a possibility that Bard is generating incomplete code. The internet search giant recommends that you first check the responses received from the company’s chatbot and then use them. Bard can detect the problems in the generated codes and fix them, and for this purpose, it is enough to present the phrase “This code didn’t work” to the chatbot. In addition, you can ask Google’s artificial intelligence to optimize your previous codes to run more smoothly and with higher efficiency.

Google has been providing limited access to the Bard chatbot since March. Of course, this artificial intelligence is still a long way from becoming popular ChatGPT has; Powerful chatbot OpenAI, which has the ability to generate and solve coding problems and supports several different programming languages.

Google is trying to improve its performance and capabilities by applying regular updates to the Bard chatbot, and for example, some time ago it used a new language model called PaLM.

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