Gmail has now been downloaded more than 10 billion times from the Play Store

Google launched the Gmail e-mail service in April 2004, and now in 2022, the number of app downloads in the Play Store has reached 10 billion, a new milestone for the app. This figure shows that 53% of the US e-mail market is owned by Gmail. Achieving this statistic has made Gmail the fourth app on the Google Play Store that has been downloaded 10 billion times. The other three apps that have reached this number of downloads are the Google Play Services app (which is required for almost all Android phones running Google services), YouTube, and Google Maps.

According to Digital Trends, the Google Play Store from January 11 shows that Google Chrome and Google search application have also exceeded 10 billion downloads. Meanwhile, the Google Photos app, with more than five billion downloads, is slightly behind the company’s other apps.

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Gmail is currently available in 72 languages ​​worldwide. Gmail is now the only second e-mail platform for the iPhone, making it the most popular e-mail server in the United States.

The number of Gmail users in October 2018 was equal to 1.5 billion. Google e-mail service is usually installed on most Android devices by default, and since most users use several Android phones in their lifetime, it is not surprising that this number is constantly increasing.

As of April 2021, Gmail has about 27.2% market share of US e-mail service users, which is much less than the 38.9% share of the iPhone e-mail service. Gmail ranks first in the United States in terms of new web emails. Of course, the iPhone’s email service also ranks first in the new e-mail accounts on smartphones in the United States.

Apple is expected to continue to be the number one mobile e-mail service provider in the United States this decade, due in part to the growing popularity of new iPhone models, which consistently account for more than 45% of the US smartphone market. have given. But those improving numbers are promising, and if Google can speed it up a bit, it has the potential to overtake Apple in that area.

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