Getting to know the safety tips about the rented suites in Tehran

Usually, people who are looking for a more comfortable stay, want food and room cleaning done for them and order food whenever they want; They choose to stay in a hotel. Another group prefers to rent an independent house with a separate bedroom and kitchen and have a stay like their own. This second group is often followed Renting a suite in Tehran Or they are renting furnished apartments for a few days or finally a few weeks and they want to have a good time and experience a quality stay during their trip to Tehran.

For this group that prefers renting a house to booking hotel rooms; In the following, we have prepared a complete guide about the safety tips of furnished suites in Tehran, which I hope will be useful for upcoming trips, so join us.

Consider home security!

The first point that you should be aware of for booking furnished suites in Tehran is the issue of home security. Usually, travelers are not familiar with Tehran, so it is better to research in advance about areas with low security and rent an apartment in the city center, close to the police station, away from the outskirts of the city and residential areas where the family lives. In addition, if you are traveling by car, be sure to choose a house that has a parking lot, so you can safely leave the car in a safe place and you will not have to worry.

If you are renting a house in residential areas, be sure to choose an area that has a security guard or look for buildings that have a caretaker. In this way, even when you are not at home, you can rest assured about your safety and your trip will not be jeopardized. As a last point about home security, remember to have a security guard in the apartment and to be sure to lock the personal book that you have the key to, take with you and lock the door.

Rent suites from reliable platforms!

So far, we have advised not to buy a house on the outskirts of the city or to rent a house with parking and door security; But the most important of these things is choosing a reliable platform for renting a house. If you want to make sure that you are safe, that no one is scamming you, and that your rental is legal and in accordance with an official contract with a real person, the best thing to do is to use online home rental platforms.

Sites such as Shab, Jajo, Homsa, 24, Jajiga, SnapTrip, and Jabama are apartment suite rental platforms in Tehran and other cities that have prepared real photos, the name of the owner, and the address range so that you can find the desired suite after checking the facilities of the house. rent

The rental fee is paid online and you will receive the house from its real owner, the rental contract is also issued online along with the tracking code so that you encounter any problems; Immediately contact the support of the site and solve the problem. In addition, the reservation of all houses can be extended and has special rules for cancellation of reservations, which you can read on the home page of each house.

Before renting, check the facilities of the house!

After renting an apartment from a safe platform that prevents any abuse and fraud, you should pay attention to the general facilities of the house, that is, rent a suite that must be furnished, have basic appliances such as refrigerator, bed, gas stove, etc.

If you travel in the summer, make sure that the cooling and air conditioning system of the house works well, and if you buy a house in the winter, be sure to pack the heating system of the house. You can check these and other facilities such as Iranian or foreign toilets, the state of house hygiene and the cleanliness of the toilets, etc., on the sites we introduced above, and after checking the prices, book the desired suite.

In addition, the above sites also have a section called the opinion and experience of previous guests, which is usually about the state of cleanliness, the owner’s attitude, etc., by reading them, you can better decide to rent. Remember that all the photos are verified and approved, so when you book the house, you can see the photos and the name of the real owner and then complete your reservation.

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