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AcuSense technology

The new series of Hikvision closed-circuit cameras was released to the market with deep learning technology or Deep Leaning. Deep Learning Algorithm works much stronger than conventional smart algorithms. Therefore, the new cameras are very accurate and process the image with more details.

Hike’s series of DVR recorders have four main functions, subject tracking system, false alarm filter, quick subject search, sound alarms and light flash. What has made Hikvision video recording camera devices more reliable than before is having these unique features that provide better efficiency and performance.

  • The new Ecosense Hike devices examine the details and shape of the body of people and vehicles well and distinguish it from other existing subjects.
  • The second feature of the Hikvision EcoSense camera is the ability to filter various subjects; Therefore, with this device, there are no more problems with moving objects and false alarms.
  • In these devices, with the benefit of a strong and fast target finder function, it is possible to quickly search for the target.
  • Finally, some cameras equipped with Acusense technology have sound and light alarms; This means that they control the situation in real time with voice messages or the possibility of broadcasting light.

As we said, there are various models of Hike cameras available in the market, which offer different features depending on the design and performance. Obviously, by benefiting from systems equipped with such cameras, the security of homes, businesses and properties will be maintained at a higher level.

ColorVu technology in new Hikvision cameras

While designers and manufacturers of security systems have always tried to improve the quality and efficiency of CCTV cameras in the last few years; But there are still many gaps and needs. One of these requirements is to capture clear color images, especially at night and in low-light environments.

The second significant technology that has made Hikvision’s new series of cameras popular and popular is the ability to record colors even in times and places with low light. This technology has been marketed under the name of ColorVu cameras and has played a colorful role in the design of surveillance systems and advanced CCTV cameras; Therefore, in addition to providing AcuSense technology in new DVRs, Hikvision has released ColorVu cameras to the market.

ColorVu technology plays the role of eyes in this company’s new cameras. Two important features of these cameras are high-quality components such as F1.0 lenses and anti-reflective lenses. Also, these devices have lenses to reduce optical flashes and record images with a very good degree of saturation. We have described the function of these parts below.

  • F1.0 lenses: These lenses have a larger and more advanced aperture. Therefore, they are able to record images even in the sensitivity of the night with more clarity and brightness.
  • Anti-glare lenses: the ability to record clear images in dark environments
  • Anti-Reflection (BBAR) and Dispersion (ED) Lenses

Advantages and applications of AcuSense and ColorVu cameras in businesses

The combination of AcuSense and ColorVu technologies in the construction of Hikvision’s new series of cameras has led to excellent performance and efficiency in surveillance systems. These cameras have been able to meet the needs of small and large businesses by using technologies such as Deep Learning artificial intelligence, anti-glare lenses and clear color imaging even at night. In this way, imaging around the clock without disturbing false alarms and with the ability to quickly search has made monitoring easier. In the following, we will examine some areas of application of the new Hikvision cameras.

  • Protection of different places such as residential properties, fences, fences, etc.
  • Factory buildings and small workshops to prevent the entry of random people or thieves
  • Control of warehouses and office rooms
  • Large and small stores to control sheds and racks
  • Installation in different parts of hotels for surveillance and security controls

Hikvision’s new series of cameras with very practical features and technologies (AcuSense and ColorVu) have significantly made control, monitoring and security in various areas easier. With facial recognition, excellent brightness and resolution, and easy search, these cameras make surveillance and control easy. In addition, having the feature of removing and filtering false alarms helps to significantly reduce the cost of monitoring and controlling organizations. Based on this, it can be said that this HIKvision company has taken great steps in the field of security and surveillance systems.

Hikvision Co

Hike company has representatives in more than 100 countries. Hikvision camera agency in Iran has also started working since 2013. So far, this company has provided its services in many projects such as transportation systems, shopping centers and stores, hotels, banks, construction projects, critical infrastructure, equipment for medical centers such as hospitals, etc.

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