Get to know Samsung Good Lock and how to use it

If you love to customize the appearance of your phone and you don’t say no to any possibility to personalize it, it’s not a bad idea to get to know Samsung Good Lock. Good Lock is Samsung’s exclusive app for Galaxy phones that allows users to personalize the phone by installing some modules. This app does not work independently; Rather, all the work is done by modules and plugins that are installed by your choice. If you want to step beyond the boundaries that One UI has defined for users, Good Lock opens the door to a world of changes and colors.

In this article, we have introduced the most useful Good Lock modules to customize your Galaxy phone as much as possible. In Zomit’s exclusive video, you can learn more about each module.

What is Good Lock?

Good Lock is a collection of apps made by Samsung that allows you to design the appearance of your Galaxy device as you wish. With Good Lock, you can customize everything from your home screen and lock screen to the layout of recent apps, the clock face, and the Quick Settings panel.

Samsung updates this app every year to support the latest version of One UI. What sets Good Lock apart from other customization apps is the number of features and how they work together. The changes you make in this app will not conflict with One UI.

Install Good Lock

Good Lock is not globally released and cannot be installed in some countries. It is not surprising that even in case of global release, Iran still cannot use its facilities due to sanctions; But there are always ways. This app can only be installed through the Galaxy Store. To install Good Lock, follow the steps below:

  • To download, you must remove the SIM card.
  • Connect the phone to Wi-Fi and turn on the IP changer program as usual.
  • Go to Galaxy Store settings and clear Data.
  • Now go to Galaxy Store and search for Good Lock and install it.

In the future, if you ever run into problems while running Good Lock, clear the app’s cache and data and try again.

Introducing the best Good Lock modules

There are about 20 modules in Samsung Good Lock; But you don’t have to install all of them. Next, we have introduced the best ones for you. Over time, some Good Lock app modules have evolved into standalone apps that are available everywhere other than the Galaxy Store.

So if you don’t want to install the app or you have problems installing it, you can download the apps of each module if possible. If you changed something by mistake and want to go back to the original settings, tap the corresponding toggle on the main screen to turn it off.

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