Get acquainted with the fastest train in the world in Japan and its speed of more than 600 km / h

Since the fall of 2012, Japan has been developing and working on a train that reaches a staggering 601 km / h. In order to have a better understanding of this speed, it must be said that the speed of this train is so high that it can cover a distance of 1,760 km from Mashhad to Khorramshahr in less than 3 hours.

This advanced passenger train is called the MagLev L0 (pronunciation: مگ لو, الiro) and can connect Tokyo to the port of Osaka with the help of the Chou Shinkansen magnetic railroad.

The first phase of the project is the construction of two-thirds of the route and, in fact, the connection of Tokyo to the city of Nagoya, which is expected to be operational by 2027. The remaining one-third is Nagoya’s connection to Osaka and will be completed by 2045. The cost of building the complete L0 is estimated at $ 100 billion. Continue to be with Zomit video:

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