Get acquainted with Snap online shipping services

You can easily with a few simple clicks Internet home furniture Do it. At Snap, you can request all kinds of light and heavy vans according to your needs.

The fastest and most hassle-free way for online shipping services in different parts of Tehran and other cities is the SNAP application.

All kinds of Snap online shipping services

After opening the Snap application, you will see that 4 types of vans are available to you. Depending on the volume of the load you have, you can choose one of them.

1- Light van: These vans are suitable for carrying up to 500 kg. Most Pride vans and Peykan vans fall into this category.

2- Lightweight van with roof: In rainy or sunny times, when you do not want your luggage to be damaged, you can use this model of van.

3- Lightweight floor pickup: This type of pickup is used for home furniture. If you have small and light equipment, they are a good option for you.

4- Heavy vans: These vans, which are usually blue Nissan, are used to transport home furniture. If your cargo is heavy and has a large volume, use the heavy pickup service. With this service, you can move loads of 500 to 3800 kg.

What are the advantages of using online shipping?

  • Carrying up to 500 kg by light vans in the SNAP super application
  • Ask for help from the driver to close the luggage and carry it
  • Up to 3800 kg handling with Nissan vans in Snap
  • Request multiple vans simultaneously from Online shipping
  • Choose from several different paths in the SNAP super app
  • 24-hour customer support
  • 24 hour service 24 hours a day

In what cities has Snap Internet Home Furniture been launched?

SNAP light pickup services in cities such as Tehran, Karaj, Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Tabriz, Qom, Kerman, Gilan, Urmia, Hamedan, Gorgan, Hormozgan, Arak, Qazvin, Kermanshah, Mazandaran, Birjand, Zanjan, Bojnourd, Ardabil , Khorramabad, Sanandaj and Bushehr have been launched.

Heavy pickup services are currently being set up in several major cities of the country, and these cities are increasing day by day. Heavy vans have started operating in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan, Qom, Tabriz and Ahvaz. In these cities, driver assistance services are active in transporting cargo.

Features of Snap Online Babri Services

After the packing of the furniture was finished and you requested a pickup with the Snap application. A follow-up link will be sent to you. You can find out the status of your cargo and shipment online.

How to pay for an online pickup?

You can pay as much as you want. Both online and cash payment modes are enabled for you. But in coronary situations today, we recommend that you make payments online.

How to ask the driver for help in transporting luggage

When registering your order in the SNAP super application, you must complete the information completely. Items such as the use of the elevator, the number of floors, which category your light, heavy or very heavy is in, the weight of the load and whether you want to get help from the driver to move or not? All of these must be specified.

On the other side are the drivers that you can select by specifying your services. Some drivers, in addition to delivering cargo, can assist you with luggage and transportation and charge a fee. At the end, the total amount is determined. If you agree to the payment, you will send and finalize the request.

If the driver agrees to help you carry the load, this only applies to light loads. In case of heavy and very heavy loads, you should get help from other people as well.

How is the weight classification of loads done?

Internet freight divides cargo into three categories. In the following, we will examine each of the categories together.

Light load

Light loads are loads that one person can carry alone. In these cases, you can get help from the driver. These loads usually weigh less than 40 kg. Items such as honeycomb table, ordinary vases, chairs, wooden boards and curtains are in the category of light items.

heavy load

Heavy loads are loads that two people can easily carry. If the van driver accepts help, he can pick up the luggage and move them in pairs. Items such as wooden shelves, shoe racks, desks, computers and single beds fall into the category of heavy items.

Very heavy load

Loads that two people can hardly move. These loads must be carried by three people. Appliances such as sideboards, cupboards, refrigerators, gas and pianos fall into the category of very heavy items.

In all types of cargo, you must select the driver assistance option when moving the cargo when requesting van service. Otherwise, the driver will have no duty or obligation to assist.


For online home furniture, you can easily move from 500 to 3800 kg with a variety of vans available in the SNAP service. Cargo transportation is one of the most practical services of SNAP, which operates in many cities. You can go to Snap Super App right now and benefit from these services.

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