General Director of Home Appliance Industry Office of Ministry of Security: Rating of mobile phone importers is on the agenda

Mohsen Shekrallahi, pointing out that providing mobile phones is a specialized work, said that now we are facing a phenomenon that every company enters this field: “For example, companies that export shoes and water heaters sometimes import mobile phones. Specialist companies in this field take after-sales service seriously and have specialized and trained personnel; “But the multitude of mobile phone importers has actually caused the after-sales service of this market to be disrupted.”

to report Irena The ranking of mobile phone importers is a measure that is on the agenda to solve this problem in order to make the market more transparent with the aim of organizing foreign exchange resources and expenses, providing after-sales services and increasing the satisfaction of buyers.

Pointing to the measures taken to resolve last year’s fluctuations in the mobile market, Shokrallahi said that with the cooperation of the Mobile Phone Importers Association and Customs, the real price for mobile phones has been determined: “In the past, the importer could declare a $400 phone at a price of $600. This would cause more currency to be withdrawn, less profit to be recognized and, accordingly, less tax to be paid. At the end of last year, we started determining the real price with several phone models, and still this year, the effort continues to declare all the phones with real value.

He said about the fluctuations of the phone market: “Generally, after a few months of the release of a phone model, when the new model enters the market, the price of the old phone drops. But this update was not happening in our mobile market. Apart from this, there was a negative/positive volatility of 10 in the market. That is, the importer could declare the value of the goods with a negative/positive price range of 10%. We have now changed this number to positive 5 so that we can prevent the loss of foreign exchange resources this year at least according to the investigations that have been done. If the investigations are completed, this number is likely to increase, and to realize this, we need the serious cooperation of the customs.”

He also announced that the duration of the importers’ foreign exchange obligations has been reduced: “The length of the foreign exchange obligations made people keep the currency they received and import their goods in the last week.” We expect the central bank to implement this resolution soon. “We also want the customs to continue updating the real value of the goods in the field of mobile phones, so that we can manage the market.”

The mobile phone market was stable until mid-February

Pointing out that the mobile phone market was stable until the middle of February, the Director General of the Office of Home Appliances and Office Industries of the Ministry of Security addressed the incitement of foreign exchange and the abuse of some people for overselling and said that a large number of violations were identified, they were dealt with and several thousand mobile phones were confiscated.

He said about the effect of these measures on the selling price of mobile phones: “We don’t have a problem with mobile phones that cost less than $600, and to determine the price, we put the invoice next to the proforma and arrive at a price.” But in the case of a phone over $600, this can hardly be done. We ask our colleagues in the Trade Development Organization to provide conditions so that phones over $600 can also use the exchange currency, this will control prices in the market.”

Shekralehi also mentioned the support of production: “We have increased the final product tariff in push-button phones from 5 to 15 percent and parts from 5 to 1 percent. “We are also looking to allow ‘percentage clearance’ for manufacturers so that we can support domestic production.”

Pointing out that the steps regarding the production of smartphones have not been successful so far, he announced that in the coming months, good things will happen in the field of domestic button and smart phones: “This work will be done with the efforts of the Ministry of Security, the Scientific Vice President and the Ministry of Communications. “

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