Gartner says PC sales are down 9.5 percent this year

According to the latest Garneter forecasts, sales of PCs, tablets and smartphones are all declining. The research company has announced that the supply of personal computers will decrease to 9.5% in 2022.

Garnet senior analyst Ranjit Atwal says the storm of geopolitical developments, high inflation, currency fluctuations and supply chain disruptions around the world has reduced the demand of businesses and consumers, and will have the greatest impact on the PC market in 2022.

“Given the conditions of the Russia-Ukraine war, rising prices and the unavailability of Chinese products due to ongoing quarantine, the supply of PCs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa may fall by as much as 14 percent this year,” Gunter said.

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According to ComputerWorld, sales of tablets and smartphones are also expected to decline this year, and according to Gartner, shipments of these products will be reduced by 9% and 7%, respectively. Sales of 5G smartphones are also said to be declining due to the market downturn in China and the current recession.

Atwal said earlier this year that the Chinese 5G market was expected to experience double-digit growth; But the impact of the country’s strict policies to control the Quaid 19 and the resulting quarantine has prevented large numbers of consumers from buying unnecessary items, including 5G-compatible handsets. He said:

The growth rate has slowed significantly compared to the projected 47% increase at the beginning of the year, resulting in a 95 million drop in 5G handset offerings.

Declining sales of PCs, tablets and smartphones will also affect chipmakers. David ZimmerIntel’s chief financial officer told analysts after the release of its financial results for the first quarter of 2022 in April that parts supply constraints are a continuing challenge, and recent coronary quarantines in Shanghai have increased supply chain risk, contributing to inflationary pressures. Helps to have a more negative impact on the PC market.

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