Galaxy S23 series mockups depict the appearance of these phones

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a lot of rumors and reports about Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S23 series, and based on the leaked information, we’ve got an almost complete view of what to expect. Previously, renders of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra were available, and now images of mock-ups of the three phones have been released.

Images of Galaxy S23 series mockups confirm that Samsung has ditched the edge-to-edge camera design style of the standard S23 and S23 Plus to match the look of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and many of the brand’s other smartphones, including the new mid-range. That, match. For example, the Galaxy A32, which was released last year, also uses the same design style, and their camera lenses protrude separately from the back frame. Of course, some may think that this design is a step back compared to the appearance of the rear camera of the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus.

Galaxy S23 Ultra mockup image

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Meanwhile, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have an appearance similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is not too far from the expectation. As SamMobile He points out that the design of the fake units of the Galaxy S23 family is different from the design of these phones in the leaked renders because the SIM card slot on these models is located on the side edges, while in the previous renders this slot is embedded on the bottom edge of the device. Of course, until these phones are officially introduced, we can’t talk about their design and specifications with confidence, and therefore we don’t know which reports about these products are true.

As we get closer to 2023, and probably in the coming weeks, we will see more details about the Samsung Galaxy S23 series released. The South Korean tech giant is expected to unveil the new generation of its Galaxy S series flagships in early February. In some rumors, it has been said that this event will be held on February 17 (Bahman 28, 1401).

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