Fundraising consulting, financial modeling and startup valuation with Retiba analyst group

Startups take small steps by trial and error, fall down, get up and start again. In fact, it is the innovative model of startup businesses that has placed them in this space full of uncertainty. Startup businesses at different levels of maturity need to attract capital and finance in different ways.

Retiba’s analysts group ( with years of experience in the field of fundraising consulting, financial modeling, valuation of startups and start-up businesses will be with you all the way through the preparation of documents. In the past years, we have had the honor of working with more than 300 startups, some of which are shown in the image below.

The consulting process of attracting capital and preparing its documents in Retiba

The process of preparing the necessary documents for attracting capital in Retiba, based on years of experience, has been designed in such a way that, while taking into account all the aspects necessary for the preparation of documents for the path of attracting capital, it puts the least pressure on the employer and ultimately the business in terms of conflict in the preparation of documents It can make its fundraising process faster.

In recent years, Retiba has had the honor of providing fundraising services to startups in different markets and at different maturity levels, from the pre-seed stage to the final stage of the business maturity cycle. Some of these businesses are: Qasty Club, Timcheh, Yassan, Organa Farms and Lando.

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Valuation of startups and new businesses with Retiba analyst group

In the analytical reports presented by Retiba, the valuation result is not the only output of the analysis, and in better words, in these reports, the business will be evaluated in terms of valuation with the help of different quantitative, qualitative and relative methods, and according to the different scenarios, the analysis is carried out in an atmosphere of uncertainty and a range of value. The business fair will be presented to the founder. In addition, the obtained results will be validated according to the real data of the ecosystem, and Retiba experts will introduce optimal scenarios and suitable resources for financing.

Some of the businesses that we are proud to entrust their valuation to Retiba are: Tapsi, Dr. Sina, Celery, Mechanic Companion, Akademi Meroz, Shake and Peak, and Utopin.

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Retiba provides financial modeling and cash flow forecasting services to startups

Compilation of the financial model file and cash flow forecast is often used as a disposable document, only to be presented to the investor; However, this prediction of goals, costs, and revenues is better used as a compass for the founders and senior managers of startups in order to develop the business optimally.

The process of carrying out the financial modeling project is such that all the necessary data are delivered to Retiba experts and the final result is prepared according to the client’s needs. Ratiba’s experts answer the ambiguities and do their best to solve the employer’s concerns.

We are proud that businesses such as Linify, Zodcomek, Mechan Mechanic, Utopin, Mothershu and Doctor Salamat are among the services modeling Finance and cash flow forecasting have been used by Retiba.

Retiba will be by your side throughout the process of preparing documents, preparing analytical valuation reports, validating the results obtained, and designing suggested scenarios for attracting or injecting capital. It is enough to register your request and wait for the call of Retiba experts and receive the first free consultation in order to make the best decision for your business.

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