Full tutorial on how to remove ads on Xiaomi phones

Now Xiaomi is a brand that few people have heard of has not seen the smartphone made by it. When the products of this brand first entered the market, considering the facilities they offered, they had a reasonable price. Because of this, they quickly became famous.

Gradually Xiaomi phones managed to open their place in the market and attract many people. Even now, the products of the mentioned company can be seen in many stores. But there is an issue with its phones that is not pleasing to their owners.

Xiaomi shows advertisements in the MIUI interface of its smartphones and this issue is not interesting at all. It doesn’t matter if the owner of the flagship like Xiaomi 13 Pro or mid-range like Be a Redmi Note 11 because MIUI 12 and later generations have ads. However, it is possible to remove ads from Xiaomi smartphones with some relatively simple tricks.

To be able to remove annoying ads from Xiaomi phones, stay with Zoomit until the end of this article.

How to remove ads by disabling MSA

We teach this method as the first option because it has the ability to fix many MIUI ad problems. Since the Chinese giant doesn’t want you to disable it, it has tried to make the process a bit tedious, but with patience you can turn off MSA (MIUI System Ads).

Before doing this, you need to make sure that your smartphone has MIUI and is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Unfortunately, you can’t do this offline.

Follow the steps below to remove ads by disabling MSA.

  • First go to settings.
  • Select Passwords & Security.
  • Go to Authorization & Revocation.
  • Under Authorization & Revocation, you can look for the MSA and disable it.
  • Now wait 10 seconds, then select Revoke.

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