Fuchsia operating system is released for the second generation Nest Hub smart display

The first reports about Google’s Fuchsia operating system was released about 6 years ago. This platform is the opposite Android It does not use the Linux kernel and has been used in devices such as Google’s smart displays. This project was first released for the first generation of Nest Hub, allowing users to get early access to new updates. Some time later, we saw the release of Fuchsia for Nest Hub Max.

Now to the report Fon ArenaFuchsia will be available for the second-generation Nest Hub, making the operating system the only platform used by Google’s smart displays. Despite these changes, users cannot tell the difference between the new OS and the Cast OS. The release process of the new Fuchsia update will also continue slowly as this version will only be available to a small number of users who subscribe to the preview versions. In the next step, Google will publicly release the new version of the aforementioned operating system for the second generation of its smart display.

Since users may not be able to see a significant difference between the Fuchsia and Cast operating systems, you can refer to the settings section and the Technical Information page to learn about the Nest Hub update. If you see Fuschia version in this section, it means your device has been updated to the new operating system.

Google has stopped releasing updates for third-party smart displays. Although Fuchsia is very similar to Cast OS, its speed has increased.

The internet search giant also plans to update Nest smart speakers’ Cast OS to Fuchsia. The current models of this product will be upgraded to the new operating system and the future models will be launched with this platform by default. According to some reports, Google also plans to enable native Android and Linux apps on Fuchsia.

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